The Boston Braves Homepage

About This Site

The Boston Braves Homepage first went on-line in December of 1999. It grew out of my frustration at trying to find information about the Boston National League club on the World Wide Web. There just wasn't much out there.

After numerous web searches over a period of months I began to put together a page of links for my own personal use. After I had collected a number of URLs I realized that other Boston Braves fans and people interested in baseball history must be going through the same tedius searches. So this site began simply as a way to save them the trouble and share with others the links I had found.

Since that time the site has become more than a simple page of links with the addition of articles and other features I have acquired or created.

I am interested in receiving contributions of material for this site. If you have something you think I might be interested in, please email me. Please note that I am not a collector and am not interested in purchasing memorabilia.

I hope you enjoy this site and will return for future visits.


1945 Braves Field Rain Check