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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the email I receive in response to this site have questions similiar to those below. Please read them before emailing. Thanks.

"Where can I buy a Boston Braves cap, T-shirt, etc.?"
You can sometimes find reproductions of Boston Braves caps in the souvenir shops around Fenway Park. If you search the web you'll find companies that sell reproductions of caps and jerseys

"My grandfather played for the Braves in the 1930s, where can I find his stats?"
The record of every man who ever played in the major leagues (even if he only played in one game) can be found in The Baseball Encyclopedia (McMillan) and Total Baseball (Warner Books). These books can be purchased in major book stores and should be in the reference section of your local library. Such records can also be found on-line in the CNN/SI website's All Time Records section.

"My uncle played for a Braves minor league team, where can I find some info on him?"
Good question. You might start by contacting the local newspaper in the minor league town.

"What number did Heeney Majeski wear when he played for the Braves?"
No official records of uniform numbers were ever kept. Some of your questions may be answered on this page.

"I have a photo of Johnny Evers in a Braves uniform. Would you like to buy it?"
No. Thanks for thinking of me but I am not a collector. But if you own the publishing rights to the photo and would like me to post it on this website please contact me by email.

"I have Earl Torgeson's Braves uniform jersey. How much is it worth?"
I don't know. Again, I am not a collector so I don't have any idea of the value of various memorabilia.

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