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Uniform Numbers from the 1940s

Source: Boston Braves programs from 1945 through 1948

1 Tommy Holmes, of

2 Alvin Dark, if

3 Bob Elliott, if
Joe Medwick, coach

4 Jeff Heath, c
Carden Gillenwater, of
Danny Litwhiler, of-if

5 Ray Sanders, if
Vince Shupe, if
Bama Rowell, of-if
Jim Russell, of

6 Frank McCormick, if
Chuck Workman, if-of

7 Sibby Sisti, if
Whitey Wietelman, if-p

8 Connie Ryan if
Dick Culler, if

9 Earl Torgeson, if
Eddie Joost, if

10 Phil Masi, c

11 Tommy Nelson, if
Nanny Fernandez, if-of

12 Eddie Stanky, if
Johnny Hopp, of-if

13 Barrett (see notes below)
Mort Cooper, p

14 Bobby Sturgeson, if
Ed Wright, p
Dick Culler, if

15 Bill Salkeld, c

16 Butch Nieman, of
Ed Wright, p

17 Johnny Hutchings, p
Johnny Beazley, p

18 Al Javery, p
Andy Karl, p

19 Clint Conaster, of

20 Johnny Logan, if
Bernes (see notes below)

21 Warren Spahn, p
Stew Hofferth, c

22 Nelson Potter, p
Hank Canelli, c

24 Vern Bickford, p

25 Al Lyons, p-of
Nate Andrews, p
Barrett (see notes below)

26 Clyde Shoun, p
Bill Lee, p

27 Freddy Fitzsimmons, coach
Johnny Beazley, p

28 Johnny Cooney, coach
Morrie Aderholt, of

29 Ernie White, p-coach
Bill Ramsey, of

30 Billy Southworth, mgr

31 Mike McCormick, of

32 Benny Bengough, coach

33 Johnny Sain, p
Del Bissonette, coach

34 Walt Lanfranconi, p

35 Bob Keely, coach

36 Si Johnson, p

37 Bobby Hogue, p

38 Jim Prendergast, p

96 Bill Voiselle, p


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